Serenity Cupcakes

One of the things I love most about Copenhagen is it's authentic feeling. Narrow cobblestone streets surrounded by old buildings with beautiful details. This is truly a time warp creating the unique atmosphere that is Copenhagen. In one of these streets close to The Kings Garden and Rosenborg Castle we found a shop that reeks the essence of the Copenhagen feeling.

The interior design is kept in a douch coler scheme, with chandeliers, soft pillows and rustic furnishing, providing the cozy feeling that is "hygge". As the outline is soft and sweet, so is the product of this shop - delicious and cute cupcakes of all sorts of colors and flavours are presented behind the counter. There is a cupcake for every persons. Neetly decorated with a steady hand they just look so yummy!

Here are some of the flavours:

Banana Bumblebee
Apple Blossom
Carrot Karma
Bohemian Raspberry
Blueberry Rain
Chocolate O'dream
Rocky Mountain
Summer in Rio
Autumn in New York
Red Liquorice Devil
Ginger Infusion
....and many more

The name of this heavenly place is Serenity Cupcakes, and it was founded in 2011 by the present owner Mariam Mistry. Mariam bakes all the cupcakes herself. Starting early in the morning, so that the newly baked cupcakes are ready for sale in the afternoon. 

This respect for and striving after quality and a high end product, is was has given Mariam so much success. Every aspekt of her business is the best of the best, from the ingridiences used for the cupcakes to the Royal Copenhagen china the cupcakes are served on. The the is from the recognized the house Perch's and the coffee comes from Amokka. 

Her sense of style is also why we at The Wedding Company recommend her. As cupcakes for weddings are very trendy and highly short after, it was important for us to find the absolute best cupcake provider we could. The finish, quality and taste was extreamly important, but also the flexibility and professionalism of Mariam was noticed. She will without a doubt be able to make you the dream cupcakes for your wedding reception. Whether you would like a special flavour, a personalized sign on top of the cupcake or an entire cupcake tower, she will be able to help you reach your cupcake goal. 

Did I mention that she does also provide frosting classes for the bachelorette party? Well she does!

Stop by her shop and sug in the spirit of the Serenity universe and hopefully a great cupcake. And by all means tell her we said hi 😘



Mariam in the Serenity Cupcake shop  

Mariam in the Serenity Cupcake shop  

Custom made signs - What should it say on your sign? 

Custom made signs - What should it say on your sign? 

Cosy and the essence of the danish "hygge". 

Cosy and the essence of the danish "hygge".