Vow renewals

We wedding planners always tend to say that you only get married once! The reality is quite diferent as the rate for divorces are sky rocketing 🚀

But lets not fall to depressing and dark questions and thoughts! The truth is that there is another and way more romantic way of having another wedding - Vow renewals ❤️ 

Mostly an American tradition, vow renewals are spreading to the continent of Europa. Loving couples who have been married for some years are embrasing this foreign tradition, as a means to celebrate their love to each other one more time. 

And why not? Is love not the most important thing to celebrate? Then why only do it once? 

We love both weddings and vow renewals because we love love ❤️

Find inspiration to your vow renewals here and have a nice weekend with your loved once 🙏🏻

Xo Xo 


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Photo by www.greenweddingshoes.com